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Blackinton Blackinton

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Model: YBC
Manufacturer: Blackinton


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ID Check Required for Law Enforcement Products
Uniform Store For Police Fire & EMT commitment to the Law Enforcement and Public Safety communities necessitates that certain items only be sold to the proper Public Safety personnel.
Items that the Manufacturer, Government, and Uniform Store For Police Fire & EMT deem restricted item’s, will require an ID Check system you will be contacted if your order contains these items.
Please note there may be other restrictions based on State and Local Governments that prohibit the possession or use of products in your area. It is your duty to be aware of Local and State restrictions and can not hold Uniform Store For Police Fire & EMT  responsible for the misuse or possession of any product.

Agency Only Products
Certain Products are deemed by Uniform Store For Police Fire & EMT and, the Manufacturer, or the Federal Government to be sold only to Law Enforcement Agencies. These agencies may be required to provide one or more of following items. Additional items may be required by the manufacturer or government agency. These items may include: Original Purchase Order, State or Federal paperwork, Affidavits signed by a notary.